A Thousand Flying Things

A child will guide them.


A lifelong writer, having won her first award at 16 for her short story, "A Gossamer Thread," Kathryn has continued to publish stories, articles, and essays almost every year since. She's also published two award-winning novels with a traditional small press. Writing from a global perspective, Kathryn's themes are universal yet intensely personal and authentic, touching on multicultural relationships, social justice, immigration, and the humanitarian world. She began her career writing for her local newspaper, then National Geographic and Kiplinger. She worked as a humanitarian reporter for the Red Cross and Red Crescent, both in Washington, DC and globally, for 25 years. She loves to travel, spend time with her family and felines, and sing. When not writing, she's a coach and a book reviewer.

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"We're living humanity's story, right here, right now, with every breath we take, every choice we make. I'm here to shine the light on Humanity's Greater Story, so we can decide if we like the story we're telling, and if not, how to change it."

Kathryn Brown Ramsperger

An idealistic humanitarian worker with a decade of field experience arrives in 1991 Southern Sudan hoping to save the world, but will the love of a child and the return of a love from the past end up saving and healing her instead?

Qasim, charming and cosmopolitan, trying to save his homeland, Lebanon.

Dianna, brilliant and beautiful, trying to save children in Southern Sudan.

The two old flames bump into one another in Nairobi and fall in love again. But they must choose between their work and their love. Can Dianna trust Qasim? Only if she trusts herself.

In the face of cultural barriers, their commitment to family and career, and ongoing war, can they find the strength to stand up for both love and a lasting peace?

Culture shaped them. Love transformed them. Will a child unite them?