Are You Too Busy? Overwhelmed?

We’re all a little too busy these days, and busy-ness can lead to overwhelm, which leads to exhaustion. My coaching clients and friends ask me how I schedule my day often. How did I get my book written? I’m certainly far from perfect, but I usually get what needs to get done, done. I thought it might help you to show you how I group my activities. I plan on this schedule 6 days a week, but I usually only am able to live it for 5 days because life is full of the unannounced and unexpected. Notice I don’t have times here. That’s because we all wake up and go to bed at different times. Consider each numeral to last 45-60 minutes

First Hour:

Get up

Drink Lemon Water
Eat some oatmeal with nuts and fruit


Second Hour:

Drink two Cups of Coffee (not advising this…it’s just true.)

Exercise (I do core work, strength training and walk 2 miles

Third Hour:

Write in journal, then creatively 1.5 hours (I always write with music on, and I often use a meditative music called “binaural beats.”)

First look at my email list and social media of the day

Fourth/Fifth Hours, MThF:

Write marketing content and guest blog articles 2 hours

Fourth-Sixth Hours, TW:

Coach Clients  2- 3 hours

Lunch (I tend to forget to eat this meal, so I set an alarm.)

Sixth or Seventh Hour:

Either a medical appointment or Administrative

(emails, invoices, coaching notes to clients, thank you notes, book and book marketing admin.)

Seventh or Eighth Hour:

Last look at email and social media for the day.

Prepare Dinner

Eighth or Ninth Hour:

Walk another 1 or 2 miles

Ninth or Tenth Hour:


Remaining Hours:

Time with family, pets, a good book, or one of my three favorite television programs (OutlanderThe Good Doctor,or This Is Us.)

I also straighten my house Tuesday mornings and Sunday afternoons. I do my best to get out of the house for lunch with friends or with my husband Brian one day a week. I have a medical appointment at least once a week, sometimes twice, for myself, my kids, or my furry felines,  but I always bring work for the waiting rooms. I stretch at my desk as often as I remember, and I also do 20 toe raises, 3 times daily, to keep my circulation going. (That last tip came from a doctor.)

This schedule may seem simplistic because…it IS. Yet it’s what I always start from. Last week, this schedule got me through my cat’s corneal ulcer. This week, it got me through repair of leaking gas lines, which miraculously did not cause glitches. But, I have three different plans of action ready, depending on the amount of havoc raised. You may not write, but as you can see, my writing and coaching is my work day. I try to focus on time at my computer for 6 hours a day, 6 days a week only: for me, that’s answering emails, posting on social media (part of my biz), writing and designing, making videos, writing my next book, coaching, and guest writing online and for my own marketing.

My morning rituals are critical to my success. I’m a morning person. Yet notice that my first two hours are spent on ME. An hour of down time before sleep is also key to me staying grounded and well…sane.

If you’re a parent, you can own your mornings, too, either before the kids wake, or while they’re in school. You might not have six hours, but you can definitely find two to write or do other work. That’s how I wrote The Shores of Our Souls, in 30-minute increments.

I have a virtual assistant, the amazing Tina Marie Hilton, on my team. I also have a wonderful social media assistant, Robin Hardy. Have you thought whom you could hire or trade work with to find more time to do what you love or find your true passion?

Here’s the kicker: How do I know this schedule works? Because I myself got thrown off schedule during these three months of my book tour (Aug. 1 – Nov. 1). I’m happily back on track, and not only is life more sweet, my productivity is better.

Does grouping activities into a daily schedule rather than randomly hopping from task to task resonate with you? How do you group your activities? I’d love to hear from you!

What can I do for you? I’d like to include topics that interest you or that help you solve a problem in your own life. Let me know how I can support you! You can reach me at Just hit reply. I continue to need your support in terms of reviews if you read my novel. Thanks in advance!

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