A Thousand Flying Things

“Beautifully written, a joy to read and highly entertaining in the most wonderful way possible. Kathryn Brown Ramsperger, quite simply, has written a great novel.”

— Cindy Williams, Actress best known as the co-star of LAVERNE & SHIRLEY, author of SHIRLEY, I JEST!

"An enthralling story written with uncanny insight and unparalleled prose! 

Memorable for its gripping storyline and profound sensitivity, A Thousand Flying Things is a riveting, poignant read."

-Claire Fullerton,  Multiple Award-Winning Author

a thousand flying things - EBOOK COVER Kathy Ramsperger

The Shores of Our Souls


“Pitch perfect writing…More than a romance, more than a cultural exploration, The Shores Of Our Souls helped me better understand our own complicated world.”

– Tami Lewis Brown, Award-winning Author of Soar, Elinor! and The Map of Me

“A remarkable love story…a deep, powerful and inspiring lesson in this adventurous tale.”

-John Perkins, New York Times bestselling author of Confessions of an Economic Hitman

The Shores of our Souls is a beautifully written and moving cross-cultural love story. The story draws you in as it takes you on a journey crossing borders–questioning societal judgment, politics and religion. It helps us examine our own assumptions and beliefs. It is a love story for our time.”

-Kimberly Weichel, global cross-cultural, gender and peacebuilding specialist; author of Beyond BordersOne Woman’s Journey of Courage, Passion and Inspiration

Kathryn donates half of her proceeds from the paperback version of The Shores of Our Souls to refugees and immigrants in the Middle East and Africa.




Readers' Favorite


American Book Fest 2017 Best Book Award


Pulpwood Queens Book Club


Indies Award Winner, Multi-cultural fiction


The Faulkner-Wisdom Literary Society Award