I’m a Sarton Award Finalist

I’m also honored to be one of six novelists who are finalists for the Sarton Award. This award is special to me because I read everything Sarton wrote that I could find. Here’s a little about her, her story, and what she stood for. It also features my favorite of her poems, which stood by me as I attempted to be myself and speak my truth.

May Sarton was actor, artist, poet, essayist, novelist. All of these. She was one of the first women to come out of the closet in her writing, which was both sensory and accessible. I feel it’s only fitting that now my name is linked in this wonderful list, with hers. What would I have done without her words all this time? I thank her for paving the way for me to express myself. And I thank the Story Circle Network for this special gesture of recognition.