Q & A for Book Clubs

book club a thousand flying things

Book Clubs: Here is a Q&A I made just for your discussion. It’s here on my blog as well under the Book Club tab on my website.

The illustration you see above was a potential mock-up for my book, made by my amazing designer Estella Vukovic of 99designs. In the end, we chose the cover of the boy (Khalil) alone, but I still think this one is beautiful. I like having Dianna and Khalil together on the same page.

Here is a sample of the questions:

1. If you’ve read Kathryn’s first novel: How has Dianna changed from the last time you saw

her in The Shores of Our Souls? How has she remained unchanged? What do you think

has changed her? What are her blindspots?

2. How do you think Dianna’s childhood affected her decision to work overseas? How does it

affect her other choices in this novel? Have you ever thought of serving as a humanitarian

overseas? Why or why not?

3. British novelist EM Forester quote said: “Travel is a species of warfare.” He also said, “Only

connect.” Which one do you think is true, or are both true?

4. What would you do if you were faced with Dianna’s choices?

5. The novel opens with Dianna running. Why do you think she runs? Is it just to keep

healthy? Do you think she’s running from something? If so, what or whom?

6. If you’ve read the prequel novel, The Shores of Our Souls, did you enjoy having this novel

told in only one point of view? How did you feel about Qasim after you read a portion in

his voice in the first novel?

7. Why do you think Qasim sent letters to Dianna’s mother instead of her?

You can use the button below to download all of the Q & A questions: