Work in Progress

Come join me on a journey of love lost, love found, and identity claimed.

All three of my books are about love.

THE SHORES OF OUR SOULS focuses on love strong enough to bridge oceans and continents and to change the way two people see the world.
A THOUSAND FLYING THINGS examines familial love in all its facets, what makes a family, what makes the human family, and what that family can create, together.
My Work-in-Progress, a memoir, is called MY FIRST FIANCE: My Early Adventures in Love, Squalor, and Misogeny. It's about the choices we must make between the people we love and who we're destined to be. Here's a little peek inside.

First peek

When I was 12, my mother was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, and my family’s world shattered   With no insurance, and a father who lost his job caring for my mother, my family dove from the middle class to food stamps and homelessness.  A young woman in the 1970s and 1980s, I began searching for love and security everywhere else but home, as I tried to recreate the middle-class life of my early years.  With no road map, I…

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